Color & Styles

4000 Series Double Hung Windows

Interior Woodgrains and Exterior Colors

Window World Windows are available in a variety of rich hues and natural-looking wood finishes that are remarkably strong and fade-resistant. Transform the appearance of your home both inside and out with visually exciting colors and warm spices of wood. Homeowners can achieve the appealing beauty of custom-crafted wood windows, without the time-consuming maintenance, with our architecturally coordinated exterior window colors in high-performance finishes.
Double hung windows colors option
double hung window color

Interior Grids

Window grids are available in classic colors to complement your d├ęcor, in the standard configurations of Colonial, Diamond, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns. Contoured Colonial grids are available in complementary colors and matching woodgrains.

double hung windows grids option
Double Hung window Interior Grids

Cut Glass

Looking for a touch of elegance that won’t obstruct the view? A selection of V-grooved glass patterns is available in the Window World Collection.

Double Hung Window Cut Glass